White Cane Act

I vaguely recall my natural reactions every time I encounter a person carrying a white cane when I still have 20/20 vision. Did I ever gave a blind person his/her right of way? Had I been very observant of how people with sight impairment navigate the road? I probably went on to the place I supposed to go or continued on the thing I was doing.

Clearly, my awareness to “White Cane Act” was very little then. As a person that belong to a sector of blind/low visioned/ visually impaired, I now help to promote the awareness to the rights of individuals with sight disability.

According to the REPUBLIC ACT No. 6759, also known as the “White Cane Act, it is the policy of the Philippine Government to promote and protect the physical, moral, and social well-being of all handicapped persons, such as the blind, and to undertake studies on specific causes of the high percentage of blind people in the Philippines.

August 1 of each year is thee White Cane Safety Day for the purposes of instilling public awareness of the plight of the blind, promoting recognition and acceptance of the “white cane” as a symbol of the need of the blind for specific assistance and as a reminder of the individual’s duty to care for and accord due respect to his unfortunate brethren.

To read more about the Republic Act No. 6759, please press: GOV.PH

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