Hello Mac!

VO (Ctrl + Option) Arrow Right, Right, Right…
“I am stuck! “I scratched my head as my frustration heightens, after several keystrokes, when I could not find a way to navigate Safari.

It was barely two days since Gilly handed over his four year-old MacBook Pro, so I can learn to use it with Voice Over switched on. I carefully listened to the Quick Start tutorial upon toggling on the Voice Over function by pressing Command and F5 keys together. Primarily, Voice Over was designed to be operated using the keyboard so I readied myself to memorize numerous keyboard short cuts. The keys that Voice Over uses for most of its commands start with the Control and Option keys held down together and are referred to as the Voice Over or VO keys for short. After reading or should I say listening to some articles from AppleVIS.Com using my iPhone, I felt my burning desire to put to test what I have just learned. On the desktop, I went to the dock by pressing VO + D keys, used the arrow keys left and right until I found Safari, then VO + Spacebar to activate the item in focused. VO + M took me to the Menu bar for the current application, VO + Left or Right to navigate the application and VO + Shift + Down Arrow keys to interact with the HTML content window. Generally, these same short-cut keys work with the other built-in applications that come with a purchase of a Mac such as Finder, Mail, Text Edit, Notes, Preview, Pages, etc. Is that easy? Until I found myself stuck and could not seem to get out of an item group that I did not know what to do or which key to press. But instead of focusing on my frustrations, I decided to give myself a rest and lied down on the bed next to my chair.

After a while, with my mind wandering in the computer and my fingers tapping on the air, I retrieved myself from falling asleep. I reminded myself it’s too early to give up. After all, that beast was not referred to as “User friendly” for nothing. So I got back on my chair and called Gilly’s attention. “I need your help.” He patiently described the layout of the window of an open application while I tried to visualize it. I tried different keys possible hoping one would work by accident. “Voila!” Finally, I got out of the loop.

In life, I will encounter challenges including trials and difficulties but my persistence to overcome these challenges leads me out from the infinite darkness and shows me a brighter horizon.


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