An Artist: How Technology Helped Emilie Gossiaux Overcome Blindness to Rediscover Her Process

On October 8, 2010, Cooper Union art student Emilie Gossiaux was hit by an 18-wheeler truck while riding her bike to a studio in New York City. She sustained a traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures to her skull, leg and pelvis, and her heart had stopped beating for nearly one minute.

Doctors asked Emilie’s mother, Susan Gossiaux, about donating her daughter’s organs the next day. Despite this, Emilie made her way back. With the help of her boyfriend Alan Lundgard who wrote messages on her palm with his finger, Emilie would respond out loud. He had to record these conversations with his phone to show doctors that Emilie was responding and able to communicate.

Emilie, who started to lose her hearing in both ears in kindergarten and wore hearing aids, was now blind as a result of the accident. But the question through her physical therapy and recovery was how she could still be an artist.

Read full story at PasteMagazine.Com

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