Patricia Walsh’s ‘ Blind Ambition

Patricia’s strategic planning and ability to execute on goals made it possible for her to achieve a life that surpasses her wildest dreams; it is now her goal to teach others to pursue their own blind Ambitions.

Diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, Patricia Walsh became blind at age five due to complications of surgery. As a teenager she struggled with depression and hopelessness. Today, Patricia is a world champion triathlete and award-winning engineer. She has raced in over 12 marathons and ultra-marathons. When a friend first mentioned triathlon to her in 2009, she immediately signed up for the Ironman � before even owning a bike! In 2011, she set the world record for blind athletes in the Ironman distance, blowing away previous female and male records by over 80 minutes. Patricia has a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, becoming one of the first blind engineers at Microsoft.

Read full story at BlindAmbitionSpeaking.Com


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