Books and Audible

One of the things I become so grateful for nowadays is the time I have. With the time in my hands, I able to finished not just one book but as many as my fingers and toes combined. I could not imagine I will be able to finish a single title. Although I was a frequent buyer of pocket-draining coffee table books and fashion magazines that I eventually let go of, and used to spend hours in some bookstores in my fully sighted years, reading was not in my vocabulary. To justify that, even text books when in college hardly been flipped from cover to cover. Since I have the luxury of time now and words became my friend, I thought of revisiting pages. But how? Now that even my reflection from the mirror does not seem to exist.

The solution, Audible. one hundred thousand plus titles of books ranging from fictions to memoirs, classics to best sellers and everything in between are narrated in high quality voices, ready to be listened to on the go or while folding laundry. Isn’t it great! Amazingly, in just one year I am on my 22nd book.

Audible offers several membership plans to choose from, depending on your listening level and preference. There are currently four plans (Gold Monthly, Platinum Monthly, Gold Annual and Platinum Annual). They come with exclusive benefits such as:
• Monthly or annual audio credits that can be redeemed for any Audiobook on the Audible Web site.
• 30% off on all Audible Audiobook purchases
• Great Listen Guarantee return policy
• Advance notice of exclusive sales and promotions
• Complimentary audio subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal

3 steps to get you started:
1 Sign up on Amazon
2 Log in to Audible using your Email and Password in Amazon, once you successfully set up your membership in Audible, you are now ready to purchase a book with an option to use your credits.
3 Download Audible app from the App Store to your iOS device and log in using your Amazon account. You will find all the books you purchased in the ‘Cloud’ tab. Just select the title you wish to listen and double tap to download then go to ‘Device’ tab to play.

Website Legends:
Audible Appstore Link

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”
—-Mark Twain


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