Meet Whitney and Darren

White Cane and Dark Glasses image
White Cane and Dark Glasses


One afternoon as I walked to the gym, I heard two boys talking along the road.

“Look at that guy, he is blind.” One boy referred me to his playmate.

“Eh… But why is he alone?” the other boy asked doubtfully.

“Maybe he is only low visioned.” He added.

“No, he is really blind. Don’t you see his cane?” The boy affirmed.

“But why with the dark glasses?” the boy asked still wonders.

I waved my free hand and flashed a smile towards them as I Walked pass their spot.

Like those boys,you probably have wondered  what the white cane represents.?

The white cane has become a symbol of freedom, independence, and confidence. The use of such a cane enables a blind person to move about freely in his/her environment. If an individual knows how to use a cane, he/she can accomplish his/her daily tasks with ease. Also the white cane is a symbol of blindness and independence. The blind individual that walks with assurance with his/her white cane is comfortable with blindness.



But why wear dark glasses?

Each person’s visual situation varies. Most legally blind people are not 100% blind. Some still have functional vision and other  just have light perception so dimming the light a little using tinted lenses can help the person use their remaining vision. Other blind people use dark glasses for aesthetic reasons. Because if a person’s eyes are visibly different from what people are used to seeing, people often react differently.


2 thoughts on “Meet Whitney and Darren

  1. Good article. I want to tell you that I started using dark glasses when I started dating, because guys always thought I looked better with my glasses. Since I got so many positive comments on my dark glasses, I continued to use them all the time. I do not have any vision and I walk with the use of a guide cane. It helps me navigate and tells people that I am blind and may need some help at times. Sometimes people help me cross streets or they may warn me that there is an open cellar or construction ahead of me, so I can avoid these obstacles before I get to them. I really appreciate that because it makes my walking much easier. A guide cane is a wonderful tool and I am so glad we have better canes now than we did years ago. If you wish to contact me, my email is

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