One by one, Grace patiently read each sheet of paper that piled up over the years in my possession. That day, we sorted documents  in tandem. I only keep the ones that I believe are useful to me such as employment, government and school documents and filed them in a folder with many pockets Together with the  copies of Passport and Identification Cards  furnished when I had a time. She also helped me sort music CDs. I only keep my favourites albums from Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Savage Garden, George Michael and Michael Buble. To my delight I also keep albums from artists that I find relevant to my continues survival,  the ones that never fail to sent me back to the happy times during my younger days and the ones that makes me fall inlove with while listening to. After we carefully secured that each CD is placed in the correct casing, I need an identifying system to help me find certain album independently.


The world wide web offers several identifying and labelling tools which can be purchased at different prices. One of these tools is the PenFriend2. Gilly got me one instantly from Amazon where it is cheaper after I surfed it from the internet.


the PenFriend2 provides a quick and easy way to identify items. It uses a pen-like device to record a description and special small stick-on labels.


To record:

1. Press the Power Button for 3 seconds until you hear a sound. Power Button is the top most button on the side of the pen

2. Attach a stick-on label to an item

3. Touch the tip of the pen to the label then press the Record Button, this button is  located next to the Power Button,

4. Wait for the beep then record a description. Note, move the pen closer to you while recording

5. Press the Record Button once more to stop the recording.


Power goes off automatically when the pen is not in use for 10 minutes. Or simply press the power button again to turn it off.


To Read the label:

1. Make sure the Power is on

2. Touch the tip of the pen on to the label, then the pen speaks the recorded description.


You can change the recording too. To do that,

1. Touch the tip of the pen to a used label

2. press the Record Button

3. Wait for the beep then record a new description

4. Press the Record Button once more to stop the recording.


Many different sizes and shapes of labels are included when you purchased PenFriend2 and more can be added.  These labels can also be used on items that will be stored in the refrigerator and freezer. Special labels for clothes are available too.

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