Who Wins?

The two-hour ride to Gapan Nueva Ecija took us to many topics as we warmly catch up on the eventful year-end that just passed like a bullet train. We talked about happy moments, places we been to during the short holiday and our friends who were not present like we normally do when we get the rare time of hanging out. The conversation lead to the presidentiable for the up coming election. Ana and Hanika are pro-Duterte while Gilly and I raised flag for Santiago. It was me and Hanika who voiced out for our respective bets most of the time. Of course our thoughts are just based on what we read, heard and watched from propagandas that are now flying around in different media that neither one of us has first-hand knowledge. My blood boiled, faced turned red, the van air conditioning did not seem to cool me down. We paused. It was time to shift to a another subject. After all, the reason of our trip to the north was to be with Dez, our friend, who had lost her loving father.


That night neither Miriam nor Rudy wins but us.  Although we disagreed on many issues, we all want the best for the future, our family and the country. We retained our friendship


With this experience, I would like to share a book that I fond of listening over and over again and try to live by it’s principles.

7 habits of highly effective people

1 be proactive

2 begin with end in mind

3 put first things first

4 think win win

5 seek to understand

6 Synergize

7 sharpen your saw


“Between the stimulus and the response is your greatest power–you have the freedom to choose your response.” | Stephen R. Covey


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