PWD PartyList

Persons with Disabilities are the most marginalized and vulnerable sector in our society. They are often neglected, discriminated and under-represented in important dialogues especially in law making. They have limited access to basic needs such as education, employment, transportation or mobility and even political participation because of their functional ability. Like any other person in the society, the rights of every person with disability must be respected and performed accordingly. According to the United Nations, in any country, an estimated 10 percent of the population is composed of people with disabilities. In our case, it means having nine to ten million Filipinos living with disability today. Seventeen years after the Party-list system has been introduced in the Philippines, persons with disabilities now have a chance to be represented in the House of Representatives through the approval of Pilipinos with Disabilities Inc. or the PWD Party-list in 2012. Through representation in Congress, persons with disabilities can push for legislations to promote and protect their rights. It is also a very important step to fight discrimination and raise general awareness about the issues persons with disabilities face daily. With the participation of PWD Party-list in the May 2016 elections, the voiceless now has a chance to be heard. PWD Party-list is an organized civil political group led by visually impaired Michael “Mike” I. Barredo, who believes in the importance of empowering the PWD sector by uplifting all the existing social and economic conditions available to them.




The removal of barriers, systemic and attitudinal, that hinder Persons with Disability (PWD) participation in community life.



Empower the Persons with Disability (PWD) sector by uplifting existing economic and social conditions for its betterment.




PWD PartyList

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