Hey Kuya!


Eight months and Fifty posts later. Four message beeps from Messenger wakes me this morning. It is from a guy who I reckon meeting in Club government in it’s shiny-disco-ball years. Raphael was young, physically appealing and an eloquent talker, this guy caught my event focused attention in one of the club’s glittering nights. Our path incidentally crossed few times but never to a momentous event after the club turned it’s lights off permanently in 2009..


Tuesday, 12 March

Raphael: Hey Kuya! Your vision is fading…?

Assuming that he has read my blog, I do not feel the need to answer his query. I greet him good morning coupled with my sincerest thanks for reading my blog. He also sends his kind remarks for the inspiring posts I have published. I guess I am surprise that he finds interest in reading my blog, but I am most surprised that he possessed the courage to send me a message after reading entries that writes my condition. Yes folks! I am surprised and undeniably happy that he courageously messaged me out of the blue.


My life is an open book

Roughly 10-percent of my 800-plus Facebook friends are explicitly aware of my current condition whether I have told them myself or through another friend. Apart from my primary intention of providing information that may be helpful to the blind community locally And since it is impossible to see or message or call my network one by one, I  put up this blog to open myself up and reach out to every single friend I have. But contrary to my expectations for exposing myself into the surface, instead of contacting me directly there are people who dialed another friend’s number or messaged someone else to confirm what they have read. Other may have turned blind. Needless to say, I will never take offense what other may decide on doing, after all, what is there to care about? I hope they understand that fishing for complements or pity is not my sole reason for blogging. So if you my friend ever feel the courage to message me in private but could not find the right word to say, the following line may help you start:

YOU: “Hey Jhon! How is Karma doing on you now?”

Me: “It is not so bad.” the truest answer I can response, because Life really is not so bad.

One thought on “Hey Kuya!

  1. Pak na pak! I can sense the taray on your tone kuy zon! Hugs!! Keep doing more of the things that makes you happy thats my mantra in life now, for now. Love, babygirl xo

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