“You Cane Give” recipients (2nd Batch)

  Here are the 2nd batch of recipients of white canes from You Cane Give program. Other students were not able to claim their canes due to bad weather during the distribution date.   Many thanks to Jimmy, Wendy and Bogie of Kustom Kane for providing the above recipients with white canes.   Distribution of … Continue reading “You Cane Give” recipients (2nd Batch)

White Cane Recipients of “You Cane Give” Initiative

The following individuals are the happy Filipino recipients of mobility canes from Kustom Cane’s “You Cane Give” Initiative.       In behalf of the above recipients, I wish to thank Jimmy, Wendy and Shep for the generosity that they have shown us. With these canes, we will show everyone around us that blindness never … Continue reading White Cane Recipients of “You Cane Give” Initiative

Rise Up

  All we need is hope, And for that we have each other.   We will rise.   I'll rise up, Rise like the day. I'll rise up, In spite of the ache. I will rise a thousand times again.   And we'll rise up, High like the waves. We'll rise up, In spite of the ache. We'll rise … Continue reading Rise Up

Hey Kuya!

  Eight months and Fifty posts later. Four message beeps from Messenger wakes me this morning. It is from a guy who I reckon meeting in Club government in it’s shiny-disco-ball years. Raphael was young, physically appealing and an eloquent talker, this guy caught my event focused attention in one of the club’s glittering nights. … Continue reading Hey Kuya!