Alternative Text

You take out your phone from your pocket. You look for a recognizable spot. You investigate for a desirable body angle. You flip your hair, inhale deeply, close your eyes, blow slowly through your mouth and open your eyes. You tap the shutter button several times. You browse the photos you have just taken. You select which photo … Continue reading Alternative Text


Blind Microsoft engineer unveils AI-powered project that helps him ‘see’ the world

    Source: International Business Times UK By: Jason Murdock   In a heartfelt demo that rounded off the Microsoft Build conference keynote this year, software engineer Saqib Shaikh outlined an ongoing research project that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help visually impaired or blind people to better 'see' the world around them. … Continue reading Blind Microsoft engineer unveils AI-powered project that helps him ‘see’ the world

Blind singer tops talent competition for PWDs

Source: The Philippine Star By John Unson   Maguindanao, Philippines - The long-time wish of blind singer El-John Aliman to own an organ keyboard with speakers happened Wednesday when he topped in a singing contest for persons with disabilities (PWDs).   “I wish to thank Allah for this answered prayer,” Aliman told reporters after receiving P50,000 … Continue reading Blind singer tops talent competition for PWDs

Resources for the Blind Incorporated

Resources for the Blind began as a personal project of Dr. Arthur Lown to produce a braille version of the Filipino Bible. Blind since childhood, Dr. Lown had retired as Director of the Atlanta Public Schools Services for Blind Students in 1970 and moved from the United States to the Philippines to serve as the administrator of … Continue reading Resources for the Blind Incorporated

Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines

The Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines (EBFP), established on October 16, 1995, is a non-profit, non-government, humanitarian organization that owns and operates a medical eye bank named the Santa Lucia International Eye Bank of Manila (SLIEB). The SLIEB is a state-of-the-art eye banking facility dedicated to the collection, processing, evaluation, storage and equitable distribution … Continue reading Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines